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This Hydro-One data has been a real eye opener. Its both educational and annoying.

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Phantom load or Phantasm… So what’s going on with the graphs you ask.  They’re captures of the hourly power consumption of our humble little cottage. 

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Highs and Lows

I’m a real hound for weather and weather facts.  Recently I was looking up a forecast for a week up north.  Noticed on the sidebar of the website a highs and lows on this date.  I found it interesting that … Continue reading

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Ice Storm of 2013

Ok, not really a Georgian Bay related topic, but it was interesting in many ways and provided some spectacular photographic subject matter. For us when the storm arrived it was mostly just another doom and gloom, world is coming to … Continue reading

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Satellite Images of Georgian Bay.

I’m always trying to deduce what its like on the Georgian Bay when I’m not there.  Over the years I’ve turned up some interesting sources.  The American government site NOAA Coast Watch website is a great geek source.  More scientific … Continue reading

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The Tale of an Old Dock

Farm country, we’ve all driven by farms with old machinery, cars, trucks, even buildings

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Water Levels Change

Ok, so the dust has started to settle.  Georgian Bay reach an all time low in January of 2013.  Through the Spring of 2013, many people were demanding immediate action to raise the water level on the great lakes.  In … Continue reading

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MNR in action

I don’t usually have much positive to say about Government ministries, usually because the bureaucracies waste astounding amounts of money with a shrug.  I came across these pages recently while doing “do diligence” on some properties up north.

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Wild Chives – Friend or Foe

We’ve probably all had chives in our food at some time or another.  Usually locally grown or purchased, fresh cut or dried.  There are, however wild chives as well.  I’ve come across one small growth in one location only in … Continue reading

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New Record Lows?

Might be PIC, but I feel like shouting “how low can you go!” over and over again.  Every time I see one of these graphs I’m amazed by the swings.  In this chart the recorded data went lower the charting … Continue reading

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