Water Levels Change

Ok, so the dust has started to settle.  Georgian Bay reach an all time low in January of 2013.  Through the Spring of 2013, many people were demanding immediate action to raise the water level on the great lakes.  In August of 2013 all this noise was a mere echo, as the water levels had bounced back with snow melt, a cool wet spring and a cool wet beginning of summer.

Over the many years of cottaging on Georgian Bay I’ve seen low water levels and high water levels.  I can remember the out cry over the high water levels reached in the late 1980s.  For a good amount of the years I wasn’t really paying attention.  I was young, didn’t drive the family boat.  My relationship to the water level was about hopping from rock to rock or how far the dock had to travel at the beginning or end of the season.  Once I became responsible for some of the driving and then later all.  Likewise handling the dock, where and how it was stored or in service.  Water levels took on a more significant meaning.

My earliest memory of water levels was a family weekend or week were we had a classic outboard motor incident.  While boating out to the cottage (camp site at the time) the lower unit mostly separated from the engine.  We limped to the cottage of an elderly lady that my father knew from his childhood in the area.  One of several memories from this event was a rock face that disappeared quickly into the deep water near the dock.  The elderly lady, I believe she was in her late 70s or early 80s at the time (this would have been 1967 maybe), had every year painted a line on the rock to show the water level.  I was, as a child, fascinated by this array of lines that appeared to stretch into the depths of the water.  I’ve always wanted to see that set of markers again, but in my adult years I was never able to find that location again.

Pictures to follow…

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