Want to buy a mess?

So this is one of this properties that you encounter all to often up north, where for decades anythings goes when it comes to disposing of your garbage. The parcel is located on Frying Pan Island. Its been through several price reductions during the life of its MLS listing. As of writing its priced at the low low asking price of $39,000. A steal for Georgian Bay waterfront and in a popular area.

What’s the catch, there always is one of course.

It comes with a fair amount of junk, some easily removed, some not so easily removed. If you look closely at the images there are the remains of three boats, and who knows what else.

But wait there is more.

Access is restricted, well it is waterfront.  However the shoreline depth is typically less than 3 feet, for a distance of about 30 feet, a serious issue for most larger boats. So maybe you could use the marina next door.   The neighbouring marina says that you may not use their property to access yours.  So you’ll need a very long dock.  You may still have a problem with your neighbour, in the fall the string their dock extensions across your only access.

Now comes the bureaucratic nightmare. The Township of the Archipelago has set out some very restrictive rules in this regard. You cannot build a dock without a building permit for a fully serviced building.

The best for last. The township zoned the shoreline of this property Environmentally Sensitive. This might have some validity, if the property were in pristine condition.  Obviously they never looked at.

The Pictures that follow were taken in the spring of 2012. With a little imagination you might be able to picture the spring of 2013 when water levels were considerably lower.  The parcel also only occupies about half the circular shoreline.

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