Ice Storm of 2013

Ok, not really a Georgian Bay related topic, but it was interesting in many ways and provided some spectacular photographic subject matter.

For us when the storm arrived it was mostly just another doom and gloom, world is coming to an end forecast.  Snowmageddon or Iceageddon in this case, is coming.  Well after all the media are in the business of making money.  If you hear this kind of stuff often enough you kind of tune out when they start screaming at you.  Specially if you live in Toronto, which for the most part has no weather compared to the rest of the province.  Course when it does happen its pretty surprising, and inconvenient too.

After the first 10 to 12 hours of no power or heat, its annoying.  At three days, its kind of scrambles the thought processes.  You’ve no hot water, no electricity, no heat, the trunk of your car is now your refrigerator and freezer, and oh yes you still have to be at work on time.  To add to the frustration, the houses you can see on the other side of a your backyard fence have never lost power, not even a flicker.

So you kind have to turn things upside down, make the best of it, for me it was getting out the cameras and seeing what pictures I could find.  Click on the image to see my ICE STORM of 2013 galleries.