This is one of those truly rare moments.  Kind of on the order with being on the bay for the longest day of the year, further elevated by having a clear day, and the weather permitting a Kayak out into the big open for sunset.

I was at the cabin sorting and packing, when I got a text that there would be a solar eclipse this evening, near sunset.  When it came time I couldn’t see any difference it was just a nice sunset (and blinding), with some evening clouds.  Even after shooting a few frames I couldn’t tell, as the display on my camera is a little small.  As the sun approached the horizon I thought I could see a bite out of it, which could easily have been a cloud top.  I just kept shooting.

Once I was able to up-load the images to my netbook, eureka I had actually been photographing the eclipse. Cool. These are some selected frames, a little repetitive as its the same sunset, but you can see the eclipse.  Enjoy.

Eclipse – Gallery, 11 images