The Hall of Shame

I’m a small capital “e” environmentalist, or maybe small “m” moralist.  The size of the letter varies with subject and how dear to my heart a location or event is.  The posts below are short commentaries on places or events that I’ve encountered.  I may also, on occasion included a property that could be interpreted as  a misrepresentation, as we’ve been looking for a new cottaging property.  Posts aren’t in any particular order, just as I remember past events and compile documentation,  or as I encounter new situations.

Disposing of an old dock by burning in position


Farm country, we’ve all driven by farms with old machinery, cars, trucks, even buildings (read more…)

So this is one of this properties that you encounter all to often up north, where for decades anythings goes when it comes to disposing of your garbage. The parcel is located on Frying Pan Island. Its been through several price reductions during the life of its MLS listing. (read more…)