Asperitas Island

This is a gem of an island near where our family property was.  Within easy paddling distance, with plenty of sheltered landing areas.  It is privately owned, so discretion is advised.  Certainly no camping would be tolerated.

There are two buildings on the approximately 16 acre island.  One of them is an original building.  The base of the flag pole has an inscription from the late 1920’s.  The story goes that a well-to-do doctor from Pittsburgh owned it originally.  The family would come up via train and then steamer for the summer.  Bringing all their staff, food, and livestock  for the summer with them.  I understand, at one point there was a large boat house, now gone, burned down.  A chicken house, gone.  A cabin for a grounds keeper.  The last time I was there the remnants were still standing.  The main building had a unique feature by today’s standards, a separate staircase for the house keeping staff to use.

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