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Time Lapse

So I’ve taken the time to compile all those Yardcam images into a video.  Every 30 minutes from the middle of December 2014 to June 1st 2015. I find it entertaining

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Time for The Watch Dog

Years ago I worked in an environment with heavy equipment, run by computers.  Very leading edge at the time, well as on the edge as big corporations can get.  It was entirely possible for the system to crash as all … Continue reading

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This Hydro-One data has been a real eye opener. Its both educational and annoying.

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Phantom load or Phantasm… So what’s going on with the graphs you ask.  They’re captures of the hourly power consumption of our humble little cottage. 

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Tripped Up Again

So I thought I had this Webcam thing all worked.  Had the software running properly, though a little overly sensitive to movement.  Actually not movement so much as change of content.  The software captures a reference image every so many … Continue reading

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Highs and Lows

I’m a real hound for weather and weather facts.  Recently I was looking up a forecast for a week up north.  Noticed on the sidebar of the website a highs and lows on this date.  I found it interesting that … Continue reading

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Most of what we hear about Drones is bad.  Government, Law Enforcement or Stalkers peeking into our backyards to see what we’re doing next to the pool.  Here’s a nice change, for what a Drone can be used for.  Initially … Continue reading

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More on The Webcam

Very slow progress on this front, but yesterday and today a big jump forward. In the past the problem (mostly) has been internet access.  How to get that remote image from a webcam onto a server. 

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Ice Storm of 2013

Ok, not really a Georgian Bay related topic, but it was interesting in many ways and provided some spectacular photographic subject matter. For us when the storm arrived it was mostly just another doom and gloom, world is coming to … Continue reading

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Only a true Cottager would get the joke.

Hilarious video, we both laughed out loud when we watched this on-line.  Found via the Cottage Life website. Forty years of 300 sqft., unfinished interior,

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