Time Lapse

So I’ve taken the time to compile all those Yardcam images into a video.  Every 30 minutes from the middle of December 2014 to June 1st 2015.

I find it entertaining to watch time lapse videos of events.  In this version I’ve deleted most of the night frames, as there were a lot of them.  Nights are long during the winter, even with time lapse photography.  The things that are revealed by time lapse are amazing, though they may not earth shattering.  In this video you can see the pine tree limbs sag down as the humidity rises.  Near the end of the sequence I moved the camera on to a very stiff cardboard roll to gain some height as frost and condensation in the corner of the window kept blocking the view.  I wouldn’t have expected the cardboard roll to be dimensionally unstable, but you can see the camera swaying back and forth with the changes of heat and humidity in the building.  Quite disconcerting to watch, kind of makes one a little seasick. Watch for the snowplows, cars, people and the lone deer, all of which is pretty amazing as they’d have to be in front of the camera at the top and bottom of the hour at the exact moment a picture is taken.  Running time is 2 minutes for a little under 6 months, so get a coffee or tea and enjoy.

Winter in Carling on Vimeo.

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