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This Hydro-One data has been a real eye opener. Its both educational and annoying.

Back at January 17th of this year I made the trek up to the cottage, the snow levels had reached the significant amounts, meaning there was “a lot” of snow. I arrived, unloaded the car, turned on the heat, and lit a fire. I’d made arrangements this year to have the opening of our driveway kept clear of snow and mounding from the roadway plowing. Even with snowshoes the snow and the hill made for a bit of a slog. After I recovered, rest and a bite to eat, I got started on the roof clearing.

Fast forward by 24 hours, main roof cleared and the garage has a Mohawk cut, couldn’t reach that last few feet with the snow-rake. Time shut things down, close up and head back to the city. Switch off everything except the computer and wireless broad modem for our webcam.

A day or 2 later I checked in with my Hydro One account to see our usage. Everything looks normal compared to last time I shutdown. Well, not so fast, my base consumption is twice what it was when I arrived. I’ve left something on. Some kind minimal load, clock radio, television, or microwave.

If you watch the slide show at the top of the page, you can see on the 15th the consumption is o.0174 kWh at its base.  After everything is shutdown and I’ve gone home, by the 19th the base consumption is 0.0348 kWh.  In the middle is the consumption of a few appliances and a couple of baseboard heaters.  The consumption goes low while the wood stove is on.  Unfortunately the fire went out while I was up on the roof.

Returning almost 2 months later I explored all appliances, but still haven’t figured out what I’ve left on.  Not the TV, the microwave oven, the stove electronics or a bedroom ceiling light. I did find the stereo tuner still plugged in, but that wasn’t it.

Electricity 03 10 2015 Electricity 03 11 2015


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