Tripped Up Again

So I thought I had this Webcam thing all worked.  Had the software running properly, though a little overly sensitive to movement.  Actually not movement so much as change of content.  The software captures a reference image every so many seconds or minutes.  After that it compares each subsequent frame for a difference.  Images are saved to a predetermined target if they have a significant amount of change.  You can set thresholds and sensitivity, but its a balancing act.  The flickering shadows of tree leaves on the deck in the afternoon sun is pretty significant compared to a cat walking across the deck.

A further problem turned out to be maintaining a connection.  For what ever reason, the webcam software won’t initiate a network connection if there isn’t a connection active.  A real problem with cell phone type connections, as a tower may “go down” for any number of reasons.  The software that I’ve been experimenting with is Yawcam, available for free download from the author.  At this time I don’t believe there is any further development.

The final problem is more of a limitation of the hardware and setup.  Most of the action in the field of view of the camera happens at night.  There is a motion sensitive security light in the same area, but the illumination isn’t enough to trigger the software, on most occasions.  The security camera has its on camera, which stores to a SD card that can be removed, so I know that the webcam is missing a lot.

A collection of still images.  The individual appearing in a few of the frames is dropping off a flyer for a religious group famous for its door-to-door activities.  Notice the vehicle.

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