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Only a true Cottager would get the joke.

Hilarious video, we both laughed out loud when we watched this on-line.  Found via the Cottage Life website. Forty years of 300 sqft., unfinished interior,

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Satellite Images of Georgian Bay.

I’m always trying to deduce what its like on the Georgian Bay when I’m not there.  Over the years I’ve turned up some interesting sources.  The American government site NOAA Coast Watch website is a great geek source.  More scientific … Continue reading

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Sunken Treasure

I was going through some images, looking for one in particular, and found these images, thought I’d share the story.   It was the proverbial last trip of the season.  

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Getting back to Georgian Bay

Sadly the island is gone. So the search is on for a new cottage with access to Georgian Bay. In the meantime, camping. Its been years (decades) since I was camping, don’t even have much of my original gear.

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