Satellite Images of Georgian Bay.

A nice sunny day on the bay.

I’m always trying to deduce what its like on the Georgian Bay when I’m not there.  Over the years I’ve turned up some interesting sources.  The American government site NOAA Coast Watch website is a great geek source.  More scientific information than I’ll ever need, or possibly want.  A great source of up to date satellite shots.

January 3rd 2014

January 23rd 2014 – Note the build up of ice

Twice a day the satellite passes over the Great Lakes taking pictures that are good to about 250 meters to the pixel.  I say about, because I’ve noticed that sometimes the images a very soft or distorted.  I believe this is the result of images being from the edge of the optical field of view.  Like any camera the edges of the lens isn’t as sharp as the middle.

Some days the weather doesn’t allow any useful features to show, other times you can see amazing things.  Course there’s always that desire for a closer look, but this isn’t a spy satellite.

One of the unfortunate things about these images is the fly by time is in the afternoon.  Doesn’t mean much at first, but by afternoon Georgian Bay has built up a lot of cloud cover.  Early morning would have been nicer.

There is also imagery for the other lakes, as well different types imagery on the NOAA website.   For those interested in exploring for more and different information follow this link: NOAA Coast Watch.

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