More on The Webcam

Very slow progress on this front, but yesterday and today a big jump forward.

In the past the problem (mostly) has been internet access.  How to get that remote image from a webcam onto a server.  The “money is no object” solution is to pay for another internet account.  Catch here is that, functioning high speed access is satellite down links and dial-up at the same time, with 1 year contracts.  Well that certainly is a “money is no object” solution.

The cell phone service providers have been promoting internet for quite sometime.  The catch with this, a fairly expensive piece of hardware was required.  Two options area available.  A USB Mobile Broadband Dongle or a stand alone Mobile Broadband Gateway and Router.  Commonly referred to as a WiFi Hot Spot. Either device connects to the internet via cell phone services, then shares them locally.  Again a “money is no object” solution.  Either device from a service provider is a the same price.  $200 the last time I checked.

My solution proved to be a combination of archaic and the surreptitious event.  I already needed a new cell phone and a new provider.  I shopped around for the cheapest plan and phone.  Ironic that this should open the door to a remote access solution.  The phone; a ZTE F160, from Fido on an unlimited texting plan.  In effort to get pictures off the phone I found that it has zero support in Canada from ZTE, Fido or Rogers (the parent of fido).  Experimenting with usb cables and various drivers resulted in almost no functional operations, but interestingly the phone was recognized as a modem.  Dial-up handset no less.

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