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Discussion of observations and information about Georgian Bay water levels

Water Levels Change

Ok, so the dust has started to settle.  Georgian Bay reach an all time low in January of 2013.  Through the Spring of 2013, many people were demanding immediate action to raise the water level on the great lakes.  In … Continue reading

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New Record Lows?

Might be PIC, but I feel like shouting “how low can you go!” over and over again.  Every time I see one of these graphs I’m amazed by the swings.  In this chart the recorded data went lower the charting … Continue reading

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Tunnel Vision

People have limited memories, so we rely on recorded information to help us.  After awhile we have so much information that we can’t cope, all that information becomes noise.  In response we have created tools to filter and manipulate the … Continue reading

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Ring around The Tub?

While out paddling I’m often struck by how clearly the water levels of past years can be discerned. The orange crown on the rocks is a lichen know as Maritime Sunburst, very slow to grow and easily damaged.  The shot … Continue reading

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