Wild Chives – Friend or Foe

We’ve probably all had chives in our food at some time or another.  Usually locally grown or purchased, fresh cut or dried.  There are, however wild chives as well.  I’ve come across one small growth in one location only in my travels.  They were happily growing in  the alvars on high a sunny southern exposure, on a island in Georgian Bay, near San Souci.  That island shall be nameless for the time being, as there appears to be some confusion, maybe only mine, about the plant.

While building up an image gallery of select shots of the island, which shall be nameless.  I came across a collection of shots of Wild Chives in artistic repose.  I thought it best to make sure I had the correct name, a little research revealed a bit of a contradiction.

I’ll provide the links below for those who wish to follow my search, and perhaps some more knowledgeable individuals contact me to clear up the confusion.  In several government documents Wild Chives are included in the biodiversity of Georgian Bay.  One book excerpt, even indicates explorers of the Great Lakes region eating a species of chives, so they’re not new to the area as far as I can tell.

Now the contradiction.  During the same search for Wild Chives I encountered a news letter from the Georgian Bay Land Trust.  In the news letter an outing  was chronicled were participants made considerable effort to remove Wild Chives, ostensibly as part of the GBLT’s efforts to “return the islands to their natural state”. The implication of this action is that Wild Chives are an invading species. Oddly I haven’t found anything to support their actions.

I’d love to know what the story is.

Reports: Island’s of LifeGeorgian Bay Ecoregion 5E
Website: www.ontariowildflower.com (Allium schoenoprasum)
Wikipedia: Chives and their relatives, Allium

News letter: GBLT Landscript Vol 10 #3

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